7-Ways To Light A Living Room With No Overhead Lighting

Lighting is the sole creator of any living room’s ambiance.

Imagine how creative home owners play with their lighting; the sensual lighting that is warm enough to make you feel welcome, lighting that is cozy enough to make you feel relaxed, and the controllable room lighting that makes intrigues your days mood.

The lighting in a room can increase your productivity, lift up your moods, and make you both mentally and physically relaxed, besides adding an elegant sense of style.

We would want to ask ourselves why lighting is important.

First, lighting fully compliments the full architecture of your living ensuring that we experience the art maximally.

Lighting also gives a room its overall feel that compliments the furniture and décor.

The most commonly used form of lighting that people are familiar with the most is the overhead lighting.

An overhead light refers to any form of lighting in a room or space that is suspended down from above or from a ceiling casting light downwards.

Having understood what an overhead light is, this article will focus on other forms of lighting your living room that can spice up your space and give it a revamp.

Creative forms of lighting do not only contribute to the overall aesthetics of a room but also enhance the ambiance of the living space.

Here are the different forms of creative lighting that could give your space the desired ambiance.

  1. Floor Lamps

This is one of the most commonly used forms of alternative lighting other than overhead lighting.

Just like the name suggests, these lamps are placed on the floor.

They usually have independent stands of their own.

They can be strategically placed in order to meet the desired effect.

The greatest pro for this form of lighting is the mobility that comes with them.

You can easily play around with them and explore various results before settling for the final feel.

This form of lighting also gives you the ability to explore your creativity for instance, you can place it near or adjacent to a mirror in order to reflect the light from the lamp.

This will give creative kind of bouncing light coming from the mirror hitting different places in the living room.

You can switch it up and use the fabric color of your choice to cover the lamp. This will definitely compliment your overall room color scheme. The bigger the lamp the more light you get and vice versa.

  1. Wall Sconces

Wall sconces are another way of lighting a room without using overhead lighting.

This kind of lighting is commonly installed next to your dining table in the living room.

They give a feeling of calmness as you wine and dine  or as you sip on some wine or evening tea while you catch up to your favorite book or social media.

These lights are installed on the side walls.

They are easy to install and leave less damage compared to the overhead lighting that requires drilling on the ceiling.

Most of these lights are dim to create a good ambiance, therefore, they consume less energy making them eco-friendly.

If you can get a vintage or antique design of the same they are likely to accentuate your décor and with the wide range of variety to choose from which will give your space a luxurious, modern, and sophisticated finish all at the same time.

  1. Table Lamps

Do you ever just walk in an apartment or office and you see a majestic lamp seating on top of a well-furnished table?

Subtle light emanating from the masterpiece and you can’t help it but admire.

These lamps do not seem to be too ideal for large spaces, however, they act as the ideal source of spotlighting in a living room.

They are perfect for people who enjoy minimally lit environments as well as small living rooms.

This kind of lighting can be powered by either batteries or electricity making them quite convenient.

These too come in a variety of shapes and sizes hence you are able to choose which is most suitable for you considering the kind of table you have and the overall space as well.

  1. Cabled String Lights

This is one of the trendiest modes of lighting yet one of the cheapest there is in the market.

They are lights that have been suspended by long cables or strings.

As similar as they may seem they are quite different from overhead lighting.

These lights are simple to install since they just need a hook on the ceiling and voila you are free to suspend any sconce of choice or even a statement bulb.

The beauty in this mode of lighting is in having several different pendants hanging down to your room.

This creates a dreamy bohemian feel that is ideal for bedrooms and cozy lounges.

The kind of elegance brought about by the cascading lights as they droop across the room is simply magical.

This can be spice up with a mixture of dim light and a single-colored bulb to increase the contrast and add a twist to the feel.

This form of lighting can also be paired with cascading plants or succulents to give a wild and interesting kind of finish.

This concept has been used in high-end hotels but can also be adopted for living rooms and lounges.

When nature meets a homely feel a unique and authentic living room environment is birthed.

  1. Natural Lighting

What could be the cheapest yet the most convenient form of lighting other than natural light?

I know what you are thinking, how?

Well, here it is.

You can switch out all the curtains on the windows in your living room and all the sunlight will come pouring in.

This not only gives adequate lighting but also an abundance of fresh air which gives one a sense of relaxation as the air freely flows in and out of the room.

With well-scrubbed panes and open doors paired with bright colored decor, you have yourself a perfectly well-lit space.

The major challenge with this kind of lighting is when night falls and darkness sets in.

Well, unless your living room is adjacent to a very large street light then you would definitely need a backup form of lighting which is convenient for you and goes in line with your desired feel.

Luckily, we have already tossed a few options in this article. Problem solved.

  1. Flameless candles

Candles can create a whole mood.

They are greatly associated with romance and relaxation.

However, they can be quite risky if not well monitored, therefore it is advisable to use the electric candles for lighting.

Since they are portable, it is quite easy for you to get creative and splay around with them.

To achieve a cozy ambiance you can place the candles at strategic places in the room and in case of a special occasion with a loved one or a self-care weekend you can scatter some roses and enjoy the laid back touch.

  1. Arc Lamps

This refers to tall lamps whose stand is made of easily manipulated material that allows for arcing at the top.

The lights are all enough to ensure that one does not bump their head on them.

This mode of lighting is perfect for the living room.

They can also be used as part of the room’s décor due to their uniqueness.

The light does not consume a lot of space therefore it is perfect for small spaces.

The amount of light emitted from this kind of lamp is also enough for big spaces since the lamps stand is long enough to cast light across the room.


Lack of overhead lighting should not deter you from having the feel of your choice.

We have explored various options that can come through in your journey to getting a cozy living room space.

The key to having perfect lighting is not only considering your furniture and décor but also keeping an open mind.

Décor can be perfect, however, the most important aspect to make it pop and look classy is the kind of lighting you consider.

Different kinds of lighting work with different kinds of spaces, room placement, furniture and other variables.

Therefore, it is advisable to consider all the above before settling and investing in particular lighting.

In cases where you need bulbs, you can consider using smart bulbs which are not only ecofriendly but minimizes your electricity bill which equals a lesser bill.

These bulbs come with a variety of settings as well that you can play around with to give you the ideal environment you seek at the moment from disco to led colors; amazing, right?

Lastly, always remember that lighting can make or break the intended aesthetics of your living room.

It is worth investing in good lighting just like you would for a good finish.

Feel free to add complementary accessories to complete the feel.

For instance, you can place a glass bowl of pebbles next to a desk lamp or mount a small succulent next to your wall sconces.

It is all about creativity.

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