How To Combine A Living Room And A Family Room

There is always confusion about the difference between the living room and the family room.

Most people think this is the same room. Well, they are not entirely wrong since in most homes they are the same thing.

The difference between the two rooms is in their use.

A living room is usually the room at the main entrance of the house.

It is normally more formal compared to the family room.

This where you spend time with your guests, host special occasions, and other formal meetings.

Here, you display your special antiques and artwork for your guests to see.

The family room, on the other hand, is very informal in its set up.

The furnishings and their functions are very informal or casual and are more focused on comfort.

It is usually located away from the main entrance, somewhere next to the kitchen.

As the name states, the family room is where the family spends its time together daily.

This is the place you are likely to find a family member curled up reading their favorite book or watching their favorite TV show.

Some close friends and family members can be entertained in this room.

Therefore, it is a very cozy and casual place to be and even the furnishings show the relaxing feel of the room.

In most houses with this setup, the two rooms are usually side-by-side separated by a wall.

While the idea of a living room and a family room sounds good, many families may not have the luxury of having both a family and living room due to lack of space.

Some people also opt to knock down this dividing wall to combine these two rooms.

Regardless of the situation, because of the difference in the décor of these two rooms, you will find it necessary to utilize the space to capture both the formal and informal nature of living and a family room all in the same space.

How can you combine the living room and the family room?

Here we go;

Combine the furniture and accessories

The furnishings in a living are different from those in the family room.

A living room has lesser pieces of furniture for example a formal couch, a few seats and in some instances, a working table.

While the living room may not need too many pieces of furniture, a family room needs sofas, comfortable chairs, comfortable floor rugs, shelves, sitting pillows, a tea table, among other items that would make the room comfortable.

The accessories in the two rooms are also different.

The challenge then is how to combine these two ideas of furnishing and accessories to be able to capture the essence of the room.

You can work by designing a combination of these two themes to achieve a blended and functional room that serves both as a living room and as a family room.

Begin by having comfortable sofas and accessorize them with throw pillows depending on the color scheme in the room.

You can use stylish vases and art to capture both the formal and informal aspects of the room.

Create an effect with the colors

The color of the walls goes a long way in creating the desired effect in your room.

To create an effect of both formal and casual feel, you can use warm colors like sandy or beach colors to paint the room.

You can combine these colors with plain colors like white.

The beauty in combining these two colors is that they bring out both the formal and informal touch to the room.

The colors in the furniture can also be combined to create the desired effect in the colors.

A formal living room uses solid color in its details like black, white, mahogany, metal, and the likes while a family room will use bolder colors like orange and green.

A combination of these bold colors with the white or black will create an effect of a combined room.

You can create this effect for example by maybe choosing seats with a solid color and then throwing in the bolder colors when accessorizing.

Aim for a balanced room

You need to be careful not to show the distinction between the two styles.

For example, do not put a piece of furniture to create a separation between the rooms. As much as the room will now be quite spacious, you do not necessarily need to set the rooms to be too far apart.

Let them stay close but let the difference be there so that it looks well combined.

Let the rooms and their difference in the décor blend in together.

Choose a single style in decorating the room and the furniture.

This will create a balance amid the difference in the colors.

As you arrange the furniture, avoid making the furniture look like they are for a specific room.

You can try out different arrangements of the furniture to successfully combine these two looks.

The aim here is to try and arrange the entire range of furniture that can also be useful when receiving many guests.

Another way of creating a balanced look is to have a balance in the room set up.

You may have shelves at one corner of the room as well as a recreational area on the other side with some form of entertainment.

This shows the use of the room, keeps its functionality, and the décor at the same time.

While combining the two looks, it is important not to lose the essence of the living room and the family room.

While the living room may be the place that you can get to meet your guests, it might not be the best place for playing a board game or for your children coloring.

Therefore, as you create a balanced room, ensure that it captures both the cozy and entertaining side as well as the formal side for entertaining the guests.

All it takes is a  little bit of creativity to find out what works for you.

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