How To Illuminate Your Living Room Ceiling


The living room is certainly the most noticeable room in a house.

It is then no wonder that it should be kept as immaculate and good looking as possible.

The most obvious idea for lighting your living room is probably having a simple fan for the ceiling.

This is great but far too common. There are many other ways of lighting up your living room ceiling, and this is what we are all about.


  1. Decorative lighting

First, you can use decorative lighting on your living room ceiling.

Ignore the practical bit of lighting and make it fun by incorporating decorative lighting.

You may, for example, use a pendant with paper shade that is stylish to make the place look gorgeous.

This will not only illuminate your living room but also brighten the mood of the place.

How then do you incorporate decorative lighting?

Giving priority to style over function in decorative lighting, it is noteworthy that something as simple as a chandelier would completely change the outlook of your living room.

Decorative lighting is meant to attract attention rather than perform lighting functions.

It also sets a whole new mood for the room and so is worthwhile.

Apart from chandeliers, you may want to consider hanging pendant lamps in areas where there are open spaces and wall-mounted fixtures and scones in areas where there are tighter spaces such as hallways.

Decorative lighting can be found in many varied forms including traditional, mid-century, modern and even contemporary.

You may also want to consider using the rattan trend.


  1. Cove lighting

Cove lighting is basically lighting that is put around your vaulted ceiling in perimeter style.

It is not so common, but is a great way of illuminating your living room.

It makes the place look special and unique, like one that took a lot of time and detail to be put together.


  1. Multi functional lighting

Here you may want to consider something like farmhouse ceiling fans.

Farmhouse ceiling fans are made of rustic wood and traditional lines. They are stylish and at the same time functional.

They therefore remain trendy through time.

Farmhouse ceiling fans are good for summer as they keep a living room cool.

Besides, they come in various designs and shades, complementing almost any aesthetic.

They also have the ability to give a living room a homespun look, which makes it even better.

Finally, they create a casual and comfortable aesthetic for your space, making the home look cozy and comfortable.


  1. Use a dimmer

Dimmers help in regulating the amount of light you wish to have in your living room.

Dimmers generally reduce the electrical current being supplied to the source of light, hence dimming the light that is produced.

Decreasing the brightness of the light also conserves energy and increases the life span of the source of light.

Dimmers generally work with most light fixtures, but it is important to evaluate it first before installation of a new fixture.

First, you should find out whether or not the light fixture is dimmable.

As stated earlier, most light fixtures work with dimmers, including the traditional incandescent and halogen, and the compact fluorescents (CFLs) and LEDs.

Ensure you have the right bulb before you select a dimmer.

For LEDs and CFLs, you may need a bit of technological assistance before installing the dimmer.

You must ensure that you purchase a dimmer that is compatible with the bulbs you have.

You also need to determine whether your fixtures use low or line voltage.

Line voltage basically means that the lighting uses the home line voltage while low voltage means that it uses a transmitter to decrease the electricity voltage.

Two dimmer types are used for low voltage; electronic and magnetic dimmers.

Before purchasing a switch, make sure that you confirm the requirements of your voltage.


  1. Drop-down lighting

Another form of creativity when it comes to lighting up your living room ceiling is by using drop-down lighting.

This makes the room look elegant and nice.


  1. Skylight

This may require a bit more time and commitment, but is totally worth it.

It is good if you want natural lighting.

To make a skylight shade, you require a tape measure, a sewing machine, fabric, 2 tension rods, sewing shears and iron.

The first step is to measure the skylight opening and record it somewhere.

Next, add the width (double) of the tension rods, and six more inches to the length of the vertical side.

You should then add half an inch to the skylight width in order to accommodate hems.

You can now cut the fabric, taking care not to fray the fabric. Iron the folds so that they will stay in place.

Next, sew the edges that are folded to create hems and then using a sewing machine, create a straight stitch.

Having folded the edges, create two pockets at the fabric’s ends.

Finally, you can now slide tension rods into the pockets and compress them until they fit in the opening of the skylight.

The shade should be flat and taut.


  1. Pendant lights

You can also consider using a pendant light in your living room.

Who said pendant lights are only meant for the kitchen?

They can make your living room look spacious and elegant, yet simple at the same time!


  1. Track lighting

Track lighting can also look lovely in the living room.

It does not have to appear clinical and cold.

You can use bulbs that make it look warm and homely, and it will surely make your living room bright.

It is however not so common. This makes it look unique when used in living rooms.


  1. Flush mount lighting

Flush mount lighting is simply using a flush mount light in your living room.

They come in simple fashions but are just as elegant as most other living room ceiling lightings.

Besides, you can easily change the bulb of a flush mount light all by yourself.


  1. Semi-flush mount lighting

The difference between these ones and flush mount lighting is that they hang slightly lower than the former, but they still maintain their elegance and simplicity.

Their bulbs can also be changed easily like the flush mount light ones.



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