How To Properly Light A Living Room

The living room is the place we spend most of our time during the time that we are awake. We entertain our guests, spend time with friends and family in the living room, read a good book while relaxing, binge watch our favorite TV shows, or even occasionally eat a meal in it. This then makes it a room that we need to thoughtfully plan so that it is a place that we love spending time in. When thinking of the living room, we most of the time, spend our waking hours thinking about the furniture and how we can make them cozy and where they can fit in the room among other ideas.

Since the living room is the place you are likely to kick up your feet and curl up with a good book on a sunny afternoon, you want it to be nothing but cozy. We spend our time investing in comfortable seats with decorative pillows, rugs, stylish tables, shelves, fireplace, and all the things that make our living room look the part. When choosing all these things, we usually subconsciously consider the lighting of the room. How the light falls on a piece of furniture or a certain color of the furnishings.

Lighting is essential

Lighting is very essential to give a room its character. The right light is powerful in that it lifts your mood, inspires your creativity and productivity.  It gives life to the little things we do like our morning routines or even the times we spend with our loved ones. We, therefore, need to keep the lighting of the living room in mind as you plan its décor.

In essence, the lighting of a room goes beyond the traditional ceiling lights, stylish lighting fixtures, and fancy chandeliers. This then brings in the good question of how do you ensure that your living room is properly lit?

Choose the lighting by the task

What you use your living room for determines the kind of lighting you will be using in the class. The first task for you will be to figure out what you mostly use your living room for. Whether it is reading, relaxing, or watching the television, it will determine how the lighting of the room will be like. Since the living room is generally a multi-use room, you need to choose the lighting in such a way that it blends into the activity without straining the eye. If you love reading in the living room, you can fit in a reading lamp so that you can be able to read without having to strain while reading.

Televisions have their light and it is therefore important that as you choose the lighting, you do it in such a way that the light does not clash with the other room lighting and cause glare. Glare can be a result of other lights, like lamps without lampshades and even windows, reflecting off the television screen. With this in mind, you can position the television screen and the room lighting in such a way that it does not shine directly on the television screen.

Show the room’s beauty using light

When taking a good photo, you always want to show your good side and minimize or hide the sides of you that you are not so proud of. When people see your photo, they see how beautifully done it is. One of the things you use to show your good side is good lighting. Proper lighting reveals the beauty in an object. How you position the light can work to show the beauty in a person or an object during photography.

The same thought applies when decorating your living room. You need to choose your lighting in a way that accentuates the beauty of the room and hides the not so beautiful parts of the living room. When planning the living room, we spend so much time carefully choosing the colors of the furniture, furnishings, and walls. Some walls are even textured to bring out a certain effect. Because of all these investments, you need to choose and position your lighting in such a way that it illuminates the beauty of the room.

One way you can do this is by using accent lighting in a variety of angles as a way of bringing out the beauty of the room. Accent lighting is usually used in bringing attention to the artwork. They can be used to draw attention to your textured walls thus showing their beauty. The secret with accent lighting is that the brighter the light, the more it shows the beauty of the object it is lighting. Accent lighting also creates shadows that will also be part of the room’s beauty. They make shadows not such a bad idea after all!

Accent lighting can be used in many different ways in the rooms lighting while shifting focus to the objects of beauty. They can be layered, angled, and set up in such a way that it brings a three-dimensional effect to the room.

Choose a layered effect

To light your living room well, you can work towards layered lighting that will illuminate all parts of the room while at the same time creating a pleasant and balanced atmosphere. A balanced effect gives your living room both a functional and beautiful outlook. To achieve this balanced effect, use a mix of different lighting items like table lamps, floor lamps, recessed lighting, accent lighting, and in some cases candlelight.

Since your living room is the place where you do most of your things, a layered effect works best since it is a mix of all the different kinds of lighting. These lights can be turned on at different times to create the effect that you need to create. This means that the choice of lighting greatly contributes to the functionality of the room as well as in bringing out the beauty of the room by creating light spots and the beautiful shadows.

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