How Do I Choose The Best Tile For My Living Room?

Just like choosing the color to paint your walls, choosing the type of tile to install in your living room is an important step to achieving the look you desire.

Tiles have to be both functional and decorative. You want the tiles you choose to serve you for years.

At the same time, the type of tile you choose will help define the style of your living room.

It is therefore important that the tiles you choose ultimately work with every element in the living room to bring out the look you desire for your living room.

To be able to decide which tile to buy for your living room, you must know three things: the dimensions of your living room, the amount of money you are willing to spend on tiles, and a knowledge of the types of tiles available in the market.

Knowing the dimensions of your living room helps you know the size of tiles to buy.

For instance, if your living room is small and you want it to look bigger, going for big tiles will make it seem larger than it is.

Knowing the limitations of your budget helps you narrow down your search. Knowing the types of tiles available in the market helps you make an informed decision.


Types of tiles

There are numerous types of tiles in the market. Each type has its advantages and disadvantages. However, all the tile types can be categorized into four different groups.


Stone tiles

As the name suggests, stone tiles are made out of stone. The most common variations of stone tiles are granite and marble.

Stone tiles are popular because of their longevity, beauty, and their association with wealth.

Compared to other types of tiles, stone tiles last longer. Because of their beauty, they can be used to decorate both the floors and the walls.

Since stone tiles are expensive, it is assumed that people who install them are wealthy.


Porcelain tiles

Porcelain tiles are not as durable as stone tiles. But they are the next best thing. Porcelain tiles can endure decades even with heavy furniture and lots of traffic.

Porcelain tiles have high levels of water resistance. They are polished in such a way that they are water-resistant. The polish also makes them remain shiny even after decades of use.

They have an incredible ability to mimic just about any floor type. For instance, if you want your floor to look like it has marble tiles, choose a porcelain tile that has a design that mimics marble.

Therefore, if you want an expensive floor installation but are on a budget, don’t give up hope. Try a porcelain tile design that looks like the installation you want. You’ll get the look and longevity you were hoping for at an affordable price.


 Ceramic tiles

If you are looking for a cheaper tiling option, ceramic tiles are the way to go. Ceramic tiles are popular in the market because they come in different shapes, sizes, texture, and color.

This makes it easy to decorate the living room in the desired style. Being inexpensive, ceramic tiles are ideal for covering large floors on a low budget.

However, it is important to note that ceramic tiles are not known for their longevity. They chip easily.

Therefore, if you plan on having heavy furniture in your living room, chances are that your floor will have cracks in it in just a few years.

Since living rooms are high traffic areas, ceramic tiles are not the go-to choice. However, you can consider installing them for a short period.


Wood-look tiles

Just like the name suggests, wood-look tiles are tiles that mimic wood floors. They are designed to look like wood and to have the same feel as wood.

The beauty of using wood look tiles instead of installing actual wood floors is that they are durable and easy to maintain. You don’t have to cure your floor every few years.

In addition to this, wood-look tiles can keep your feet warm without the use of rugs. This makes it perfect if you are going for a casual look for your living room.

However, it is important to note that wood look tiles do not fall in the cheap tile category.

Although, considering the fact that they make the living room feel cozy and the floor feels warm, they are worth every penny.


How to choose the best tile for the living room

Now that you have your budget in mind, know the types of tiles available in the market and know the dimensions you are working with, here are three things that will help you come to a decision:


The style of the living room

What style did you have in mind for your living room? The look you are going for will inform everything from the color of the wall to the type and design of the floor tiles.

If you already have the type of furniture you have in mind that too will help inform the type of tiles you buy. Ultimately, everything should work together to bring out the style you had in mind.


The appearance of the room

Do you want your room to appear smaller or bigger? If the design of your living room is lengthy, then you might want to make it appear smaller to make it cozy.

To make this possible, consider going for large tiles. Large tiles tend to make a room appear smaller. If your living room has small dimensions, then you go for smaller tiles.


The texture of the tiles

What texture would you like for your floor? Keep in mind, you may spend plenty of time walking barefoot in your living room.

Would you like the floor a bit rough or smooth? The texture of the tiles also affects the ease of cleaning it. How often do you want to clean the floor?

If you want it cleaned every day, then you might want to go for a smooth texture. Since smooth textured tiles are easier to clean than rough ones.


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