Which Colors Make Your Living Room Look Bigger?

The center of any home is the living room. It is where people gather, relax and connect.

Thus, this room should feel comfortable, spacious, and airy.

The color you choose for painting the living room can transform it completely.

Paint color sets the tone of the room and the right choice can make a room look bigger.

Decorating a small living room space can be tricky. In small spaces everything counts.

The color of your paint has a huge impact on how big or small the space will feel.

Small rooms naturally feel confining, which can be very uncomfortable.

Choosing the right paint colors can make the small room more spacious than it actually is.

Light colors are known to make a room seem bigger and brighter.

Walls which are painted light and bright colors are reflective.

This makes the space feel open and maximizes the effect created by natural lights.

Darker colors can also work well in small rooms.

It is assumed that dark colors always make a room feel like a cave, but this is not always the case.

They can also make a room feel cozy.

With the right lighting and accessories, darker colors can make a small living room look larger.

The general rule when choosing a paint color is considering the amount of light entering the room.

The less the natural light entering your living room, the lighter the paint color you should use.

Some of the colors that will make your living room look bigger

  • White

White color is known to make a room look bigger especially since it reflects natural light.

White makes the living room appear larger and more open.

It diffuses light and thus makes the space brighter.

There are many shades of white that you can use in a living room, it all depends on your preferences.

The best way to choose the right shade for your space is to try some samples on the wall so that you can see what compliments the room best!

White is a neutral color that can go well with any combination of colors for furnishing.

White makes it easy to blend in with other colors when decorating your living room space.

You even have the option of constantly changing the color of your furniture, rug, and décor without having to change the wall paint color.

Pairing white color with some other colors in the furnishing and plants makes the living room more alive.

  • Off-white

Off-white is a clean color and very easy to work with.

If your room has no direct natural light getting in, off-white can be a good option for it.

Cream white and egg-shell white make a space warm and lighter.

To make the room feel even larger, have some décor with vibrant colors and some natural greenery for contrast.

Off white makes the living room more inviting and fun to relax in.

  • Gray

Gray, which is a mixture of black and white is the new color every house should have. It is modern and very classic.

Gray is a calm and safe color. It is a perfect neutral color for the living room.

Whether you have casual or fancy furnishings, gray will make the living room look crisp and clean.

Gray makes the space not only elegant but sophisticated.

  • Black

When black is used sparingly in the living room, let’s say on one or two accent walls it can make a small living room appear bigger.

Black is versatile and modern.  Mixing black with lighter colors is a good way to tone down the darkness.

For the best results, you should pair black with other light colors like white, light green and blue and purples.

Adding a mirror on the wall or décor items that are transparent can make the living room look beautiful, open, and airy.

The other thing to note when using a dark color on the wall is the lighting. You should be keen on the lighting, both natural and artificial.

  • Taupe

Taupe is great if you want to light neutral paint color which is not white.

A light taupe will make the living room feel bigger and elegant.

Taupe is a relaxing color and it improves the mood and it also adds a splash of color.

For great results it is best to keep the other items and furniture white.

This will help in giving the living room space an airy feel.

  • Beige

Beige is a natural color that is very relaxing.

Beige is a neutral color that can combine with all shades and tones in the living room.

Having beige living room walls gives you a variety of choices for your furniture colors and other décor items in the room.

  • Green

Light green is a vibrant color.

It goes well with white and makes the space more open.

It is a warm color that makes the whole living room space inviting.

Sea green is a good color especially if you love being minimalistic.

It sets a good mood for the living room and makes it calm and relaxing.

Sea green goes well with wooden furniture and earthy tones. All these always make the room look fresh and welcoming.

  • Bright and bold colors

Some bright and bold colors such as orange, yellow, and green can fill up a room rather than close it.

Having these colors in an accent wall brings attention and a luxurious feeling to the space.

Bright colors can draw light into a darker room.

They are best for living rooms which have very little natural light.

If you like mixing up your living room space and building décor around, these bright colors will be perfect for you.

  • Warm neutrals

Neutral colors are perfect in the living room since they go well with anything.

Colors like light lavenders, tans, and light blushes are good for a small living room.

The warmth in these colors is ideal for small rooms since they light it up and open it.

To add some extra texture, you can use some pink and purple without making the small space look overcrowded.

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