White Blackout Curtains For Your Living Room

When it comes to decorating a house, particularly a living room, there is a lot that comes into mind.

A living room is a space that requires special attention when considering interior design decorations; thus, the light shade makes the look complete, and everything tends to fall into place.

Living room windows need decorations that are great to add on color, style, and personality of the room.

There is a lot of information to look into when it comes to choosing living room curtains.

For example, the curtain style, fabric texture, color, length, and every aspect that would make them look like the right combination with living walls and decorations.

The curtain style tops the list, and they vary in styles.

Every individual should think critically about the style that fits their living room windows.

In our modern society, individuals prefer blackout curtains. Blackout curtains are curtains with darkening features built into the fabric hence making the material thick.


Here are tips on how to identify the best blackout curtains;


How to identify the best blackout curtains


Identifying the best blackout curtains during the shopping experience, it is essential to comprehend how these curtains work and the different styles.

For blackout curtains there are four main curtain header styles that everyone needs to know;

  1. Grommet top curtains. These are headers installed with twisting the fabric with metal rings.
  2. Tab top curtains. These are headers that comprise of fabric loops at the top edge that is used to hang off the curtain rod.
  3. Rod pocket curtains. These are headers that have sheers and a slit for easy slipping.
  4. Pinch pleats. Headers where curtains are pinched at the top for a pleated look.

For the correct type of blackout curtain lining, installation, and performance to be used, the right header is needed.

Well-lined blackout curtains tend to block light from straining through irrespective of the curtain material.

The curtain lining for living room curtains offers a very crucial layer to the curtain material, which mainly retains or reflects heat hence protecting the color from direct sunlight.

To achieve an ideal blackout, the curtain lining should be put into consideration. The linings include;

  • Foam-backed blackout curtains. These are linings the keep the soft folds of the drapery but do not guarantee complete blackout.
  • Blackout-lined blackout curtains use heavier polyester that makes the drapery stiff but achieves a complete blackout.
  • Thermal-lined blackout curtains use heat-trapping fabrics like flannel but do not guarantee complete blackout.
  • Privacy-lined blackout curtains use a polyester and cotton weave to keep softness and filter light out.


Are there white blackout curtains?

Most people do believe blackout curtains only come in heavy and dark colors because of their light obstructive abilities, color shades, and their room darkening curtains capabilities.

However, they are white blackout curtains and with very stylish headers and colors available in the market. White blackout curtains soften windows and enhance a room.

Using them in the living room gives one room and space to work with from any decorative perspective; this is because there are more visually dictating and positively impact the room’s aesthetic look.

White as color is considered as a neutral, and most interior designers prefer using white because it always works well any wall shade with a darker undertone.

For instance, white blackout curtains would look well with wall shades with cool colors.

White blackout curtains have three essential functions;

  1. Block light

The most crucial function of white blackout curtains is they block light. They come in hand in areas with living rooms facing the sun’s direction. For those who like working during the night shift but like to sleep time in the living room during the day can consider using white blackout curtains because they can illuminate more to the room. These curtains can also profit people with entertainment settings in the living room by providing complete darkness.

  1. Save energy

During winter, blackout curtains try to trap heat and keep heat and light out during the summer. This ensures that certain utility bills are reduced during these two seasons.

  1. Block noise

Blackout curtains tend to block a percentage of noise. This factor is more advantageous during the day for most people who work from home. Having your office situated in a corner in the living room, the blackout curtains would well.


Advantages of using white blackout curtains in the living room


  1. White blackout curtains lessen the energy costs through blocking and cutting down the amount of UV rays and sunlight, and that enters the living room. Besides, this blockage protects the furniture and floors from direct sun fading and damage, which makes these expensive products more resilient and durable.
  2. White or light-colored blackout curtains have a neutral style that will always be fashionable.
  3. The color enhances the room and space, making it look bigger. So living rooms with white blackout curtains tend to look bigger
  4. White blackout curtains are more appropriate for living rooms that tend to get a lot of UV rays and direct sunlight because they fade less
  5. During the summer period, the white blackout curtains are the better options because they tend to keep the rooms cooler.
  6. White-colored curtains are more likely to be made of lightweight curtain material, which flows smoothly, making the living rooms look prettier as compared to a dark shade of curtains.
  7. White blackout curtains are more costly as compared to other non-blackout material. However, they save on energy costs and stops early aging of your home furnishings.
  8. The use of white blackout curtains is encouraged for cases where the living room receives more light or direct sunlight or areas where one does not need light penetration.


The only disadvantage white blackout curtains have is that they are likely to show dust, dirt, or any stains that are left on them. Parents with little children are advised to use such curtains in a room with less traffic.


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